Social Media for You and Your Brand

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It goes without saying that a social media presence is vital for ANY business.  A social media presence for your business:

– introduces you (your brand) to new audiences

– helps to drive traffic back to your website

– gives you a direct line of communication to new and existing  clients/customers

– allows you to learn more about your audience

While you don’t need to be on every social media platform, below are those that I consider the major players to really gain  visibility.

All platforms serve a different purpose and you will need to tweak your approach depending on the platform, but all  are key to building your presence and maximizing your online exposure

1.  Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform – all about photos and video. The visceral reaction we have to gorgeous photo or inspirational video is of the main reasons behind the platform’s popularity. You don’t have to be in a product driven business to be able to showcase stunning images. Any brand or business can make an amazing impression in the world of Instagram . You can be a coach or provide a service just remember QUALITY is key so be sure your images are clear.

2. Facebook

Facebook currently has over 1 billion active users – that’s one out of every seven people on the planet – the largest of any social media network.  While for many of us, Facebook is part of a daily (or even hourly) online routine to catch up with friends, share photos/statuses and cyber-stalk,  Facebook is a far more powerful platform to build a community. Facebook groups and pages are key to maximizing your exposure, creating an environment for engagement and building that tribe. Having a tribe or loyal following is what takes you to the next level and allows you to transform your brand into a business. In other words, $$$.  On average, Facebook users are connected to dozens of pages, groups or events at once. That’s where you come in. Be part of the conversation,  make your presence known, offer value and build that tribe!

3. Twitter

Twitter is making a comeback in a major way. It’s a great source to get breaking news but more importantly, it is a great tool for brand loyalty. People will feel more connected and trust more in business if they are able to follow  and connect  (like, mention, retweet) with them on Twitter.

Twitter is also a great tool for connecting with like-minded individuals. TwitterChats are especially useful in growing your community quickly. I have been to  increase my following by at least 6 times in less than a year through TwitterChats alone. Numbers aside, I have been able to establish meaningful relationships with some amazing individuals online. Be sure to find one in your area of interest and watch your numbers soar!

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn requires a slightly different approach because it was designed  for business to business (B2B) connections as opposed to business to consumer (B2C).

As the owner of your company (brand), you are the face of your business and need to promote yourself as such. A LinkedIn profile will allow you to showcase your credentials and achievements, build authority and trust and connect with potential clients or even business partners.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest has been labelled as a social platform for women but it packs a MAJOR punch. Pinterest is a search engine. You read that correctly. Search habits are changing and many are using the site to search for content – ideas, recipes, inspiration, tips, you name it. It has become a growing platform to share visual content. Instead of being a site just for DIYers or stay at home moms, the site can be very useful in helping you really grow your business or blog. People go to the Pinterest with the intent to buy so get familiar!

What social media platforms are you on? Be sure to share you leave your details, links and handles below so we can connect!



14 thoughts

  1. I use to disliked twitter till I found a way to love it . I love the connection with bloggers on twitter and I love Instagram – with Instagram you post a picture and you have to put the right hashtags to put yourself out there. In order to put your brand out there for people to notice is by joining in chats and hashtag is your best friend. What I’ve learned is no one is going to notice you if you don’t put yourself out there. I use snapchat sometimes and I don’t have a Facebook…. great post , this can be very helpful to those who need to know which social media to use for their brand…

    Much love,

    1. Thanks Stacey! We’ve connected through Twitter and I love following you! Twitter has been great for me for that reason! Social media in general is about shameless self-promotion. Posting something once is not enough – hashtags (visibility), consistency and great content will get you far!

  2. I love Twitter and Pinterest, I like Instagram I just don’t have the time to take pictures all the time so my following increases and then decreases daily (working on it lol) however Twitter is my holy grail of social media. Me loving all things media anyways, I love being able to connect with other users around my niche. It’s the perfect way to network and just get in the minds of other ambitious and driven people. Pinterest I love using for my vision board, I want to use it for my blog I just struggle with that a bit but maybe in time, it will get better!

    1. I LOVE Twitter too for the same reason – authentic connections!

      Instagram can be tricky in that way but it definitely can be done with planning and consistency 😉

  3. I really wanted to start getting on social media less but its looking like I can’t because I need it for my youtube and blog 🙁 Thanks for these tips on how can I use it to my advantage better

    1. Yes – start one platform at a time if you have to but just start 😉 It will only help you in terms of driving traffic and helping to gain awareness for you and your brand. Feel free to share your links below so we can follow! 🙂

  4. I’m using all of these but my focus is on Facebook and Twitter because they convert better to my site. But I’m so ready to up my Pinterest game when I have some time off work.

  5. I use Facebook (my business/author page and Facebook group) and LinkedIn for social media growth. I also use pinterest but not as much as the above. My INSTAGRAM is more my personal life. I really never use that as a form of business. I don’t want it structured with perfection. I want it raw like the real me.

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