Product Review: Love and Shea Moisturizing Buttercreme and Soap

I am a self- professed bath and body junkie. I LOVE baths and all things related to baths – body washes and gels, bath bombs, bath salts, body butters, lotions, you name it!

When I had the chance to try some product from local organic company Love and Shea, I jumped at the opportunity.

So many bath and beauty products claim to have shea as a main ingredient and its no wonder why.  Due to its concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids, shea butter is a incredible at nourishing and moisturizing . Simply put, the ingredient works wonders in relieving dryness. What makes Love and Shea especially amazing is that the creator, Naateki, makes all products to order using raw shea butter straight from Ghana.

My first impression when I received my package was the incredible smell of the Buttercreme. I was able to choose a scent based on my preference. I typically like sweet smells like vanilla. I decided to try the chocolate. If I had one word to describe it, it would be intoxicating! Nothing artificial or to make you feel nauseous. It smelled good enough to eat! 😉

The next thing I noticed was the texture of the buttercreme. Lightly whipped, it absorbed beautifully into the skin leaving it so soft! The smell also lasts a while but nothing overwhelming.

The Buttercreme can also be used as conditioner for the hair due to the amazing moisturizing benefits in shea. I have not had a chance to try the Buttercreme as a conditioner for the hair since my hair has been in braids for the past little while but will be sure to share my thoughts once I do!

Moisturizing Buttercreme features:

– help replace moisture and prevent damage

– penetrate the hair shaft and skin for maximum hydration

– help strengthen hair while being absorbed into the cuticle

– a sealant to keep moisture in

– help stimulate growth, add thickness, and seal in moisture

The Buttercreme also came with a cleansing Black Soap which can also be used for the skin or body. Having regularly used black soaps  for my face and body, I have never come across one that contained pieces of plantain skins in the bar. The skins give the soap an additional boost of vitamin A, E and iron. I did notice my skin was less dry and had less of a stripped feeling after use which is typical of most black soaps I have used.

All in all, this is a brand I will definitely support moving forward. In addition to buttercremes and soaps, Love and Shea offers bath bombs and salts,  shampoo and conditioner. I look forward to trying more of the line and additional scents.




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