Why You Need a Side Hustle in 2017


We hate to admit it, but money matters.  Financial freedom gives us the ability to pursue passions, hobbies and have social lives.

Juggling a career and side hustle is hard, but not impossible

A side hustle.  A hobby. A passion project. They are all pretty much the same thing and are extremely important to have.

The great thing about side hustles is that you  can combine your job and your passion.








Depending on your skill set and what your area of interest is, your side hustle can be practically anything:

– affiliate marketing and/or sponsored content (blogging)


-public speaking, hosting

– freelancing (writing, graphic design, photography, social media management)


– styling…

The sky is truly the limit.

Aside from the financial flexibility it allows, a side hustle is extremely important for the following reasons:

1)  Time management

Time management skills are arguably one of the most important skills ever. If you can manage a side hustle and still perform WELL at your full-time job then you have learned the art of multi-tasking. This life skill will come in handy not only with trying to juggle every little task at work, but also when it comes to balancing these tasks with your day to life such as friendships, family and/or relationships.

2) Your network will grow ten fold

I have met and e-met so many amazing people solely because of certain groups, organizations and events I attend due to my side hustle. Writers, fellow bloggers, event planners, makeup artists,  stylists, photographers, entrepreneurs and the list goes on. Because of my side hustle, I have been able to meet people who have not only helped me in my journey, but I have also helped them.

3) Work is not your life

Yes, I said it and although you may have a job that you LOVE, you are allowed and should have passions outside of your 9-5. When people ask how I manage to find the time to pursue my passions (side hustles) and work full time, the answer is simple. I make the time and do it when I’m not working and sacrifice. Yes, I may wake up a little bit earlier and/or go to be later than the average person, but this allows me to maximize my days and still have free time to do things like work out or hang out with friends. Balance.

4) Exposure to new experiences

A side hustle is not just something to make you money or boost your ego but it is a great resume booster. When you start your side hustle, you may have had certain visions of what your duties or roles would be within that. Often things can take on a life of their own and change very quickly where you find yourself accidentally discovering new interests or skills. Rather than focusing on the skills that support your 9-5, the premise of the side hustle is full of the unexpected. Embrace it!

5) You deserve to do what makes you happy

Life isn’t supposed to be a series of days where you work strictly for a pay cheque and then go home to sleep because you’re so physically and mentally exhausted. Believe me. I’ve had those days. Life should be full of happiness and passion. Even if you work a 9 to 5 that you may not love, if you’ve got something on the side that you’re passionate about, that is what will keep you going.

Get out there and start hustling!



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  1. Thank you for sharing! I wish I would’ve realized this sooner but you are so right! I am loving the process of building my side hustle thus far!

    1. Congratulations on starting your blog! This is exciting step in your journey where you will learn so much about yourself!

      Drop your blog link below! I would love to check it out 🙂


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