K Beauty: Why You Should Be Adding Korean Products to Your Beauty Routine

If you have not heard of Korean beauty, where have you been? It’s one of the most talked about, buzz-worthy beauty trends on the planet.

South Korean women gave some of the most intense, lengthy (but legit) skincare regimes. We’re talking 12+ steps using super advanced skincare innovations, hence the reason why some of the best skin I’ve seen have typically been from Korean women.

While the rest of the world continues with the traditional skin care routine – cleansing, toning and moisturizing – Korean beauty has extended the skin care routine with additional methods such as sheet masks, essences and more.

If you haven’t already tried, here are some reasons why you should consider incorporating Korean beauty into your routine.

Products from The Face Shop

Composition and Ingredients

In the case of Korean beauty products, the composition label is especially unique as the products contain unusual yet very beneficial, natural ingredients. Pearl, propolis, tremella mushroom and others are just a few of such unique benefiting ingredients.


Generally speaking, one of the most common concerns while trying new skincare/beauty products is the cost. Often, things can be so pricey where we’re scared to make such an investment for a product that may not work or inexpensive enough where its hard to believe in their quality. In the case of Korean beauty products, the price tag is super affordable for the quality. Again, because of the nature of the product, you do not have to worry about the product being pumped with harmful, cheap additives to keep the cost down.

Fewer adverse reactions

It’s normal to be skeptical when you are first trying a new beauty product. Since Korean beauty versions have less chemicals in their compositions, there is a smaller chanceĀ  of you reacting adversely to the product. The natural composition makes it safer to try the Korean beauty products on your skin. Also, like your every beauty buy, get the Korean beauty product of your choice, try and continue its long-term use only if you are convinced about its benefits.

Readily Accessible in North American Markets

Once, you’ve heard about the benefits, you’ve decided you’re now ready to buy. Because of the huge demand for Korean skin care, products are available both on and offline. Some brands include The Face Shop, Dr. Jart, and TONYMOLY. The Face Shop has its own store and many other Korean beauty brands are available for purchase at Sephora.

Have you tried any Korean skin care or beauty products? What are some of your faves?


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