Four Social Media Rules you are Allowed to Break

The longer social media platforms have been around, the better we learn to use them to best leverage their capabilities – for our social lives,  businesses and for general communication. Because these capabilities can have such huge consequences, particularly in the case of and business and branding, there have been many “rules” that have surfaced as a result.

While some of these rules serve as excellent guides to navigating the world of social media, many of these rules are not hard and fast, and are always changing. As they say, rules are meant to be broken 😉

All in all, social media is supposed to be fun and you should use it in a way that feels natural to your way of communicating. It should be you! If you’re still not sure how to make sense of what to do and what not to do, check out these rules you are allowed break below:

1) Having a presence on all social media platforms

Not every single platform is a fit for every person and his/her audience. If something doesn’t feel right or “you” then don’t go with it. This isn’t to say that if social media isn’t your thing, you should ignore it all together. Find one(s) that you love. Instagram may be where you shine most because you love the visual element of the platform, while Snapchat may completely confuse you. That’s okay. My advice is to pick two or three platforms to master and run with them.

2) Responding to every single message/comment you recieve

Getting comment and feedback on your posts is definitely gratifying. There was a point in time when responding to each every comment was essential to building a following, developing a good reputation and staying engaged with your audience. However, things have changed where there has been a surge internet trolls and bots – aka spam. These do not deserve your time or a response. Engaging with comments from real human connections – absolutely! If someone takes the time to engage with your content, be sure to provide sincere and thoughtful replies back. At the same time, do not be afraid to avoid the ones that seem rude, negative, strange or insincere.

3) Followers: Quality > Quantity

There was once this perception that the main goal should be to get more followers at any and all costs. Just like when we talk about trolls and bots engaging with your content, you should want a following of real, genuine people – people who are truly interested in what you have to say. Buying followers just for appearance isn’t going to get you anywhere and it shows – BIG TIME.  People will notice and be turned off. Focus on building a community over time that you can have solid engagement, communication and interaction with. THAT is worth your time and effort. Focus on quality, not quantity.

4) Being perfect all the time

Look, social media should be fun and that means being yourself and sharing that with your followers. Sometimes things will not be perfect -you may miss a comma or two, something may be a little off centre in your photo – whatever! But guess what? That’s real and people connect with PEOPLE, not perfection. You are human and will make mistakes and that’s okay! This is not to say, you should not be intentional and thoughtful with your posts. Things should make sense, have a nice flow and come from the heart. But perfections isn’t essential ALL of the time.


What are some social media no-no’s or rules that you have broken that work for you?


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22 thoughts

  1. I must say everything in this post is true, especially number 1!! Many people judged me for not giving in and making a snapchat but, I just don’t feel like it is for me. I absolutely adore INSTAGRAM!! I do this your business should be available on all platforms just for accessibility and growing a customer base. #3 is Def true to as I am trying to do that with my business pages. I am still working on #4 lol. I would add that it’s okay to take a social media break and step away from the devices just to keep from getting overwhelmed. Great post!

  2. Great post!!

    I love #3 ! ” Followers: Quality > Quantity ”

    So many people get tied up in the numbers game. Yes numbers are important – but I would honestly much prefer a smaller audience that engages with me – vs a large audience that does not!

    Allyse |Fashion Blogger |Foodie |

  3. I totally agree. I deleted Instagram and I do not miss it. Plus posting on twitter and Facebook is quite enough!

  4. These are tried and true practices to engage on social media!! Of course we can always do more, i.e. follow similar brands, use DMs for selling products, services, etc. but if you committ to these 4 your reach is sure to grow.

  5. This is a good read. With everyone coming up with all these strict rules it can be tough to figure out which methods work best for you

  6. I agree! Perfect timeline layouts is something I def break. I’ll post what I want when I want lol (don’t get me started on those bots with there twinkle twinkle little stars smh)

  7. Good tips! As a fairly new blogger who is trying to build my following, I feel that I have to be on every social media platform and it can get overwhelming especially since I didn’t utilize every platform before I started blogging. Perhaps I should put some thought into what platforms that I really enjoy the most to engage with my followers and delete the others. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for these tips especially the bots comments. I have read horror stories from Twitter accounts saying that they’ve ended up following certain reality tv celebrities because they are paying for followers. Organic is best especially if you want to get sponsored posts or any other type of monetization strategy.

  9. Yes! I completely agree! I have so many social media site I realized I had to cut down and focus on the ones I was getting great enganent with and felt like was helping me! And definitely number 4 at first I just wanted a bunch of followers now I see I need follows who support my content and engage!

  10. Great Tips! I used to work as blogger outreach for a clothing company and we look at engagement(if they didn’t have enough followers) to determine if its worth it to reach out to them which is another tip to throw out there.
    But omg the bots are ridiculous lol! Definitely subscribing!

  11. I especially agree with number three because if you have low followers but they’re your actual ideal clients who want to buy, they’ll buy and keep you going, rather than having a large following that does not buy and is not engaged.

  12. Great tips! Especially the one about making mistakes. I will admit, I’m quick to delete a whole post, tweet, status, whatever, if I make one little mistake. But, you know what? After reading this, I’m not going to do that anymore. Let my mistakes be my mistakes. Also, I’ve learned that not all social media platforms are the best. I have completely given up on Facebook being used for anything other than my personal life with my closest friends and family members. Not all social media platforms are going to work for you.

  13. This was a good read. I’m working on using only the platforms that really suit my needs and just discard the rest. Instagram and Facebook are my favourite; twitter, not so much.

  14. I have the hardest time with number 4 so most of my posts have been sitting in drafts. I’m trying to hit publish more now and then just go back and tweak my posts later. It’s hard though. Great suggestions for new and old bloggers!

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