Five Affirmations to Start Your Day

On our journey towards self-love and success, one of the things that matter most is the inner conversations we have with ourselves. Affirmations are powerful in their ability to alter our perspectives while simultaneously manifesting these thoughts into reality. Here are five affirmations to help get you started every morning.

1) I am STRONG: physically, mentally, emotionally. Always remember how far you’ve come on your journey and how much more time you have to accomplish the things you truly desire. It takes alot to stay standing in today’s world, so give yourself credit where it’s due.

2) I am HEALTHY. Constantly thinking and or/saying how sick, tired, fat, etc. you are will only bring more sickness, fatigue and fatness etc. Even if you are not where you want to be, affirming that you are healthy, puts you in a better position to make the positive changes you need.

3) I am BEAUTIFUL: inside and out. A lack of self-confidence can really affect the way your vibes/energy are projected to others. Accept your “flaws” and let your uniqueness show. This is a great affirmation to speak while you are getting ready in the mornings and looking in the mirror. Really admire the beautiful features you naturally behold.

4) I am BLESSED WITH ABUNDANCE. This can mean in finances, experiences, love and more. Expressing gratitude is a great way to bring more blessings into your life. Even if you are not in the position you want to be in life, remember how fortunate you are to have the things you do have and appreciate the things that seem very small.

5) I am LOVE. Be the change you want to see in the world. Learn to love genuinely without always searching for love. Believe that you are worthy of the quality of love that you are willing to give to others.

The key with affirmations is repetition and to flood the brain with positive thoughts. Start with one or two every day and see how your mindset shifts.

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