Easy Tips to Have Your Makeup Survive a Heatwave

Here in Toronto, the weather is usually hit or miss. When it gets hot, it’s usually very hot and humid. I’ve had some major makeup meltdowns by not being mindful of the weather and how it can affect how my makeup looks and how long it lasts. Through trial and error, I’ve kept the following rules in mind to keep my look survive the heat.

Lighten and Limit Layering

Too much makeup in heat and humidity can clog pores, triggering breakouts. Instead of piling on layers of weighty products to look extra “done”, opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizer and apply a waterproof concealer only in areas where needed. There are tons of tinted moisturizers on the market from drugstore to department store brands and ones depending on your skin type.

Another trick I have been doing when I feel like skipping foundation or a tinted moisturizer all together is simply using a tinted primer to give you MINIMAL colour, fill in your pores and blur imperfections. Dust on a light finishing powder on top with your favourite hightligher, and your no-makeup makeup look is complete.

Try: NYX Soft Focus Tinted Primer








Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof!

When a heatwave rolls around, it is the perfect time to pull out all your waterproof products. Save the smokey eyes for another day and keep things minimal with a waterproof mascara to play up those lashes and a waterproof brow product to still maintain a groomed appearance.








Blotting papers

I always keep a set of blotting powders in my bag. They are my secret to looking dewy and not drenched. When you start to sweat, powders can start to look chalky and caked on so pulling out your compact to powder your shine away will make things worse. This actually makes imperfections on your face (namely fine lines) stand out more. Blotting papers do a stellar job of lifting excess oil from your face without disrupting your makeup.

Try: boscia, Green Tea Blotting Linens 







Set it and forget it

The power of makeup setting sprays is unmatched when it comes to getting your makeup to stay in place and stopping makeup meltdowns. Depending on the formula, some will have hydrating properties while others will even help to keep you cool on the hottest days. Use it as a finishing touch to lock everything in.  Because I have oily skin, this has been my saviour in holding my makeup in place, upwards of 12 hours while also having a built in surface cooling technology that instantly delivers a refreshing mist that prevents makeup from melting or sliding.

Try: Motives, No More Shine Makeup Setting Spray 







What are some of your favourite sweatproof beauty products this summer?





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  1. Great post! I’ve never tried the motives setting spray but I can say that the Skindinavia combo works wonders for me! Never hurts to try something else though, I’ll give this Motives one a try! Thanks for sharing

    1. For sure! Give it a try and let me know what you think! I really like it because it has an instant cooling effect and really locks my makeup in!

  2. Such great tips. I live in Texas so the heat gets bad and most days I only wear moisturizer but I think I need to add in a few more waterproof items and would live to try out the MF aqua Brow. Thanks for sharing! X


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