Blogger Dos and Don’ts from a PR Professional

For those of you don’t know, I have a public relations background. Because of my background, I am hypersensitive when I see bloggers blow it when comes to working with brands. Often times through things that could have very easily been avoided. In an industry where some brands may have limited spends or may not see the need – especially in the case of microinfleuncers – let’s increase of chances of getting paid and landing more opportunities.


Be respectful of deadlines

If a PR company sends you product for review, it’s good practice to ask if there is a deadline you should be respectful of. Most brands are reasonable in their asks and will appreciate the gesture. This ensures you are both on the same page in terms of expectations. Please do your best to respect these deadlines. These dates are not arbitrary or pulled from the sky for the fun of it. They can be for a specific campaign, reporting purposes, whatever! If for whatever reason, you cannot meet the deadline, please let the PR person know.

Be mindful of your social media image

This one can be tricky. While I agree it is important  to represent our authentic selves to our audiences, its best to err on the side caution on our social media platforms. My advice is to stay away from anything graphic – sexually explicit or violent. Politics, race and religion are particularly hot button issues, so tread lightly. While you have all right to post what you want, I will caution you that if you are trying to build a brand or business, be careful. It may cost you in the long run.


Event Etiquette

Events are a great way to get face time and schmooze with the brand, PR team and other bloggers. However if you are invited to an event, please be on your best behaviour. It is like being invited into someone’s home so do not get drunk, be rude to staff or in general act like a diva because you’re a “blogger.” Sit down and be humble because if you show up to an event and make a bad impression, your name WILL get removed from the media lists for events moving forward and event product releases. Don’t blow it.

On another note, if you want to bring a guest to an event, please ask first. I understand sometimes, going to events alone can suck, particularly if you are a new blogger and may not know anyone else attending. However, events take planning and budgeting so things like food, swag bags, room capacity are all taken into consideration so don’t make things awkward by bringing a guest without asking first.

Sending mass pitch emails

If you want to work with the brand and their PR agency, please do your research. Just like if you were interviewing for a job, show that you actually know about the company and the types of work they have done before asking to work together. This shows thoughtfulness and initiative on your part and will almost never end poorly. At the bare minimum, the agency may not be able to work together at that particular time but you will at least get a response as and  your name added to theirmedia list as opposed to getting your email going straight to the trash folder.

Asking for money too soon

I have seen some pretty ballsy things from bloggers in my career however this one never ceases to amaze me. Bloggers who I have NEVER worked with asking for paid posts. While it is no secret that many bloggers make a decent living from sponsorship, you need to build trust with the brand. Again, be humble. Even if the brand is paying your blogging bestie for her posts and you have thousands of followers, develop a relationship before asking for money. It’s tacky. Show the brand your value to THEM by doing some things pro bono. It won’t kill you and will pay off in the long run.


I hope these helped! If you are a blogger and have any questions or concerns regarding working with brands and PR, let me know!






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  1. Very good post! So I am getting into blogging and working with brands myself, I sent my 1st 2 pitches off today! I didn’t ask for money but how would one ask? Is there a specific time?

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