The Beginner’s Guide to Eyeshadow Primer

Time for a little Makeup 101. With the  amount of products available in the market, are eyeshadow primers really necessary? Are they any different than the primer you use on your face?

If you wear any sort of makeup of your eyelids, you would benefit from a primer – one specifically for your eyes.

Eye shadow primers are a necessity for the following reasons:

– To keep whatever liner, shadow, pigment, etc, you put there exactly where you want it. So to avoid having your winged liner end up on your upper lid, use a primer.

– Eye shadow primers make your colours more vibrant. They help to intensify the colour and make it closer to “pan” rather than having your skintone alter the colour. This is especially useful if you have a eye shadow that you really like but the pigmentation is not up to par. A good primer will help the colour really show up/stand out on your skin

– Eye shadow primers provide you with you with a smooth, even canvas to apply your eye makeup. This make it easier or to pack on colour and blend. Similar to primer for the face, you can end up with places where colour look uneven, caked or worn off.

– Eye shadow primers help your eye shadows to last all day. No one wants to spend 15 plus minutes working on a killer smokey eye or gorgeous, dramatic look only to have it disappear in minutes. Primers prevent the natural oils of your skin from affecting the colour. If you have oily or hooded lids, (which I have both) you will need a primer to help keep your eye makeup in place.

Current Fave:

Having dealt with issues with my eye makeup staying put and true to colour in the past, this has been my tried and true fave for the past year and a half. It is a light textured cream that applies a a cream and dries into a soft powdery finish. The Motives Eye Base smooths and neutralizes the colour of the eye lid and provides a great foundation that allows pigment to stick to the lid and stay true to colour. The prices point is an A++++ in my books at $16.95 (USD). Its a steal since you need very little to get desired results.

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