5 Ways to Overcome Being Camera Shy

I’m the first to admit it. I’m camera shy. I typically run away from camera and grimace at the thought of a photoshoot or someone taking pictures of me. However, putting myself out there as a brand, I’ve had to get comfortable with being in front of the camera. As a brand or business owner, in order for people to like and trust you, they have to be able to see you!

While I am by no means a complete natural in front of the camera, here are some tips that have helped me come out of my camera shy shell:

1) Dress for comfort

There is a preconception that your outfit must be runway ready for your online debut. Your blog and brand is all about the real you so you shouldn’t have to overthink how to dress for online. Be authentic. When it comes to camera time, select clothes that make you feel your best: confident and comfortable. If you feel great on camera, you will look great on camera.

2) Don’t strike a pose

You read that right. Do NOT strike a post. For those of us that are camera shy, posing feels forced and awkward. When we feel uncomfortable, we look uncomfortable. Instead of standing still, focus on making natural movements, like walking, holding an object, admiring scenery, laughing it off, or candids.

3)  Pick a prop

This trick is my  holy grail. Photography is simply storytelling and a prop is another character sharing the stage with you to help you tell your story. They are a great mental trick to help you take the focus off yourself by making you feel occupied and more comfortable on stage. Although you are the star of the show, it feels like all eyes are on those sunglasses in your hand instead.

4) Find the right photographer

This is key. The right or wrong photographer can make or break your shoot. While they do not have to be a professional photographer, whoever is taking your picture should make you feel comfortable. Do you prefer your photographer to be silly or serious? Slient or instructive? These factors can affect the quality of your content and your styles should align. Teamwork makes the dream work!

5) Practice makes perfect

One of the easiest way to get comfortable in front of the camera is to actually be in front of the camera as much as possible. You’ll get more relaxed with the process simply by doing it over and over again, and there’s no pressure. You can take the same shot 100 times to get it right. Use this time to learn your best angles and how your expressions appear on camera. For vloggers or videography, simply talking to yourself out loud can help you get used to the sound of your voice which can sometimes be an issue. Practice so you can grow and learn what’s best for you!


What are some of your tips for beating being camera shy?




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