5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

Although, I have a LOVE for all things beauty, I am by no means a makeup artist. I respect the skill, dedication and talent it takes to become to create stunning looks  not just oneself, but other people. Understanding colours, shapes, product ingredients and formulations, and skin care –  are all part of the game.

Recently I had an event where I decided I wanted to look a little bit special. Instead of doing my makeup myself, I decided to hire a makeup artist to give me that extra wow factor.

I have always been weary of approaching makeup counters at department stores for makeovers because I have seen and heard some horror stories: wrong foundation shades, too much eye makeup, too much contour, too much everything! I’m a bit of control freak when it comes to things like makeup and hair so walking into a store to have someone who I don’t know give me a look based on their interpretation of me  without knowing my comfort level or preferences, scare the hell out of me. At the end of the day, I still want to look like me… just enhanced 😉

I found a makeup artist on Instagram who I had been following for a while and was in love how she seemed to really work well and understand how to work on darker skin tones as well as the variety of looks she was able create: natural, super glam, dark,  dramatic, you name it.

All in all, I LOVED the experience and how everything turned out and would definitely use a makeup artist again for special events. Here’s why:

1. Learn new tips, tricks and techniques

While YouTube and Pinterest are great resources to get tips on how to apply, where to apply and products to use, nothing beats hands on learning from a professional. Sitting with a seasoned professional who has worked on countless faces and in variety of settings (weddings, photoshoots, etc), you’re bound to pick up a trick or two that you can implement into your makeup routine that work for YOU.

2. Exposure to new/different products

Between what our favourite YouTubers and bloggers are promoting/reviewing, what we see on social media and the sea of products available at our local department stores and drugstores PLUS the products that are available online only, it’s no wonder we are overwhelmed. And this does not even include new product launches that occur what feels like, weekly.






Working with a makeup artist who had a diverse kit, I was able to see and wear products that I had my eye on in store without having to commit to purchase. Things like eyeshadow and blushes are not as easily available for sampling, so being able to experience the product firsthand for colour payoff and longevity really helps.

Also, being able to see and experience products I never knew existed that worked especially well for me was super helpful. Don’t buy into the hype. Sometimes what is being pushed as the hottest, latest, must-have item works to serve the brand and their marketing team but may not be what’s best for YOU, which brings me to my next point.

3. One-on-one experience

This experience is about you! Use this opportunity to ask questions about you and how to can improve your makeup routine. We are all different and makeup is by no means a one-sized fits all experience. It is and should be customized. Be sure to ask about application techniques for you: your face shape, your eye shape, your skin type, etc. Again, YouTube and Instagram tutorials may help with things like how to apply eyeshadow on hooded eyelids (like me- click here for blog post) however things where to properly place a contour shade for YOUR face shape is where one-on-one time is especially beneficial.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

This is your time to experiment with looks at the hands of a trained professional. With guidance and while staying somewhat in your comfort zone you can try daring looks without worrying about you messing up. Experimenting with things like a smokey eye, some glitter, a cut crease or adding some bold colours to your palette are great ways see yourself in a new fun way and recharge your makeup routine.

5. Get the perfect look

The right makeup artist will give you a flawless face and the best look based on your outfit, the occasion,  the temperature, all to have your makeup look its best for as long as needed/possible. Meeting with my makeup artist, she asked me some key  questions to determine how to best apply and what products to use so that I could look my best. Some of questions included:

– would I be spending my time indoors or outdoors?

– is this a daytime or evening event?

– what colours will you be wearing?

– how long is the event? (how long will your makeup need to last?)

– what products do you use now?

– what is your current makeup routine?

Have you worked with a professional makeup artist? What was your experience like?





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  1. I definitely agree with all of this. I like watching a sprinkling of celeb makeup artists on YT as well in order to see professional applications and how to work on different faces like you said. I have yet to get my makeup done by a professional, but will try one of these days!

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