5 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Regular Facials

As much as a I love the transformative power of makeup, I am a huge proponent for skin care and healthy skin. As fastidious I am about my skin care routine – cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize and exfoliate a few times a week – a recent trip to the spa as part of a birthday gift reminded me of the importance of getting professional help with my skin.

There is a wealth of information relating to skin care at the click of a mouse and as much as we like to think we can do it all ourselves, we simply can’t.  I am not a an esthetician or have not received formal training for skin care so I’m open to learning about MY skin as much as I can and getting the professional help I need to take care of it for the long haul.

A conversation I had with an esthetician really drove the point home why we should be regularly investing in facials. We brush and floss our teeth daily, but we should still be going to the dentist a few times a year for optimal health. Same rules apply.

So I’ve become a convert and a big advocate for regular, professional facials. Here are five reasons why. Try it if you haven’t. You won’t regret it.

1. Facials really clear your pores.

A professional treatment will fully cleanse your skin in way that you simply can’t at home. Extractions (the process of removing blackheads) are really difficult and often at-home treatments won’t get you the same results. For me, pore cleansing stripes do not come close to removing all blackheads and cleansers geared at eliminating blackheads simply dry out my skin. Extractions are the most effective way to get rid of them. Facialists will usually use  a gentle and safe stem to open up the pores to allow them to breathe and use their hands or a special skin care tool under a bright light to remove them. You should NOT try this at home.  Which brings me to my next point.

2. Professional tools = professional results

There are just somethings you shouldn’t try at home. Estheticians are trained to look for and deal with complex skin issues that you should not attempt to tackle yourself. No matter how much you spend on product or how diligent you are in your skin care routine, you will never have the right products at home to get a professional effect. For example, that (amazing) steam machine. Depending on the treatment you get, your facialist can use light therapy or other technologies to reduce pore size, exfoliate, stabilize your oil production and promote the healthy growth of cells. Although you may be able to get at-home version of spa tools, like the steam machine to loosen up clogged pores, the ones you will get at a spa are more more powerful than at-home versions. Similarly, spa-quality skin care products are made with higher concentrations of active ingredients that will penetrate deeper and work better than anything you can buy  over the counter. Unless you have the money and a proper education, you can’t/shouldn’t try these treatments at home.

3. If something is wrong, you’ll find out why

Our skin changes over time depending on age, weather or hormones. It’s a good idea to have an expert bring attention to these changes, identify skin conditions and more importantly educate you on how to treat them. By diagnosing skin issue, your esthetician will be able to advise you on products you should using for your skin type and concerns.  Considering your skin is constantly changing, getting these regular updates are vital in keeping your skin tip top shape. For example you misdiagnosing yourself with something like eczema in the winter and simply blaming it on dryness can lead to long term skin damage if not properly treated.

4. You can do it on a reasonable budget

Getting facials regularly (every few months) doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Many spas and salons offer shorter, less expensive versions of facials that skip on certain frills like a scalp massge but are just as effective for getting that post-facial glow. You can get a 30 or 45 minute treatment that includes a cleanse (or two), exfoliation, mask, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream for $50. Again, be sure to find the best routine for you depending on your needs (dryness, acne, etc). Your spa professional will be able to help you that 😉

5. It’s relaxing!

Walking into a spa and treating yourself to a facial is much more relaxing than a DIY treatment. As much as I love treating myself to a nice face mask after a long day, nothing beats a getting treated with a massage and hot towels to maximize the pampering experience. We all know that stress is at the root of all bad things, including issues with our skin, so a facial can help you with your breakouts while giving you a reason to get some quiet time and take a few deep, cleansing breaths.





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  1. Love all the reasons you gave and honestly I can’t really disagree with any of them! When I’m earning a little more I’ll definitely try it out. In the meantime I’ll keep up my skincare routine at home xx

  2. I am so glad that you wrote this post. I have been looking into finding an esthetician here in my area to get a facial. I don’t have problematic skin but I really just want to take care of my face and do whatever preventative methods I need to.

  3. I wish I read something like this years ago. I keep saying I’m going to start getting facials but never do. Now I will, try harder.

  4. Honestly, we definitely need to rethink facials as just a luxury. The couple times I’ve gotten one my face felts ways that literally nothing else could recreate. And groupon is also the GOAT for facial discounts.

    1. Exactly! It shouldn’t be seen as a luxury experience. While there are luxury treatments, you can get a facial at a super affordable price.

      Yes, girl – GROUPON for the win! 🙂


  5. I’ve been wanting to try a facial for a long time and after reading your post, I’ll be scheduling one very soon. I’ve been on a journey to clear my skin and get rid of dark spots. A facial may be just what I need.

    Nice Read! Thanks!

    1. Yes! Speaking with a professional and getting advice on how to deal with your specific concerns will definitely be a huge step in your skin care journey.


  6. My skincare routine is terrible! I’ve always wanted a facial but worried about the cost, but clearly that isn’t a good excuse. Thanks for this post!

    1. Well, it’s never too late to change that! 😉

      I was surprised how many affordable options salons and spas offer for more basic (but still very effective) treatments. Plus GROUPON has some great deals for spa treatments, just be sure to do your research 😉


  7. I have yet to get any sort of facials. I’m going to the spa soon so this definitely was great information for me to know.

    I’m just so weary, especially of facials that incorporate exfoliation because my skin is pretty sensitive to it. Your advice definitely makes me what to try it.

    1. I encourage you to give it a try! If your skin is sensitive, your esthetician will be able to customize a treatment that addresses that and doesn’t cause any flare ups.

      Best of luck!


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