29 at 29: My Reverse Bucket List

Today is my birthday…my 29th birthday! I can’t believe it. How did this happen? Where did the time go? What happens next?

I have so many questions and even fewer answers. I have so many plans and ideas of where I want this year to take me but taking a step back I want to reflect on how far I’ve come and what I’ve accomplished in my 29 years.

Typically for me, birthdays have always been bittersweet in that I can often get bogged down  on the things I have yet to do, am behind on, or missed out on. I didn’t want this birthday to be about that. So I’m choosing to honour this day differently and hoping it’ll help me to recognize and celebrate the wins along the way more often.

Here’s to the great life I’ve lived so far, those that have shared it with me and the blessings and challenges that are yet to come!

1.  Taken an impromptu trip

2. Met a celebrity – Scottie Pippen, Rachel McAdams, Drake (Degrassi Drake not Drake Drake lol)

3. Started a business

4. Started a blog (heyyyyy!)

5. Participated in a 5K run

6. Learning another language (I know basic French and now learning Spanish)

7. Graduated university and college: Bachelor’s degree (double major – Communications and Sociology) and post-grad certificate (Corporate Communications and Public Relations)

8. Landed my dream job (public relations)

9.  Discovered my passion for makeup and beauty

10. Discovered my passion for fitness and healthier living

11. Got a tattoo (or two…)

12. Been on a motorcycle

13. Overcame my fear of public speaking

14. Been to 7 U.S states (New York, New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida)

15. Learned yoga

16. Learning to say no  (small but it make a monumental difference in your life)

17. Witnessed a sunset and sunrise at the Caribbean Sea

18. Started investing

19. Bought a car

20. Learn to rock climb

21. Learned archery

22. Gone skiing

23. Donated blood

24. Learned to play a musical instrument

25. Kept a journal

26. Hired a (kick ass) personal trainer

27. Successfully put together a professional event on a shoestring budget

28. Made it to the Dean’s list in university

29. Loved myself completely and unconditionally



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  1. Congrats on everything!!!! You’ve accomplished a lot and I’m sure year 29 will bring many more. Happy Birthday !!

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