10 Important Lessons You Will Learn in Your Twenties

Being in the latter half of my twenties (hides face), there are alot of lessons I can say that these years have brought to light – made me laugh, often cry but most importantly grow.

Here are 10 pieces of advice I would give to my 20-year old self and for those reading this, hopefully one of these will stick and help you in some way

1. Some people/friends are only for a season

People come and go and much as we want to have a tribe supporting, amazing people around us, it doesn’t always work that way. Some of us may have a handful of close friends and that’s okay.

Sometimes your circle has to decrease in size to increase in value.

2. Value your vision

It’s yours and yours alone. Keep sight of your goals, but learn to be flexible about taking different paths to reach those goals. Setbacks create comebacks.

3. Follow your passion

Find a passion project. Own it. Whether its for a couple hours a day, a week or month. This is key to being a well-rounded individual and basically keeping you sane.

4. Getting older doesn’t mean you have figured it all out.

In fact, getting older means getting wiser to the fact that we don’t know it all. I’m still figuring out

5. The importance of the word “no”

“No.” It’s a full sentence. Get comfortable using it.

6. Get rid of your job/boyfriend/girlfriend/friends if they do not make you happy

Believe me – you will not look back one and say I wish stayed in that job/relationship/friendship I hated even though it made me completely miserable. There’s so much better out there. Get out and go get it!

7. Health is the most important thing

Physical and mental. Health comes before boyfriends/girlfriends, careers and everything else.

8. Someone else’s success is not your failure

This is especially important. It’s easy to get caught up in what people are doing and how they are winning. Comparing leads to anger, disappointment and resentment. Use other’s success to inspire you, not defeat you.

9. Travel is worth the investment

Travelling is the best way to enhance your perspective. Although they are great to have, you will realize that money and material objects are less important than you think they are. Getting a taste of the world and connecting with people is far more fulfilling than a new bag or pair of shoes.

10. You will never go wrong by being yourself

Which is so hard, in a world that judges every ounce of who you are. But just being yourself is more than most people do. You’re doing great!


What advice would you give to your 20-year old self? Comment down below!

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